The AR·YA History

In the beginning, it was only the thought of changing the way we feel about products that we already knew from daily use. So how can we interpret something new? We are a learning organisation. We transmogrify the basic needs & add our wishes in the way we create the design until it is ready to be produced. All together, you feel the interaction of all the needed variables. We design & create with our partners the fabrics of all our products to meet all standards required. We always search to develop, improve and customize our designs according to the needs of our customers.


All AR·YA® hammocks are made of the cosy & sturdy AR·YA® bamboo-based fabric for your comfort & relaxation. The AR·YA FLUX® is from now on to be reserved as well in the order section below. Just write us if you are interested in getting more information about or ordering a AR·YA FLUX® triple hammock stand or a special, custom-designed AR·YA® classic hammock to fully relaxxx together with others 🙂

The basic set comes with

two 5-meter flat webbing nylon ropes with good adhesion even on traffic poles, with  nickel-free metal rope ends for doubling the width AR•YA® stuff bag AR•YA® storage hammock bag for the big AR•YA® hammock with zipper & carbine for multi-use  AR•YA® hammock, 320cm x 225cm for multipurpose creativity & daily use Rucksack bag

Why is the AR•YA® hammock unique?

The AR•YA® hammock is made from a bamboo-based multi functional fabric to please your skin with cosiness and well-being!
You will use it every day and wonder that you can use your hammock as well, only as a hammock 🙂
You wonder why? Because…Of all the different ways to be happy with our product, you will not think of a hammock alone when you carry your AR•YA® with you in various bags given to you for the most comfort of a daily adventure wherever you want.

“You define the way” 

Ready to explore?

320cm x 225cm hammock 350kg capacity airseat sun wind & sand protection picnic blanket sheet tarp half tent curtain room concept rucksack bag small hammock stuff sack

beach shell safety sturdy blanket to keep warm & cosy anti stress punching bag & pillow abs workout hammock Two 5m Nylon ropes of sturdy fine & soft but sturdy quality with anti allergic metal ends for more freedom when throwing over a branch

Here is a deep review of the 

AR·YA® classic hammock

from Derek Hanson the expert of hammocks

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